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superhero wedding cakes

Superhero Wedding Cakes- add some Fun to your Wedding!

Superhero Wedding Cakes can add a real fun element to your wedding- a nod to the Superhero in Your Life! Superman, Batman, Star Wars , your favourite Marvel character, or even a Harry Potter Themed Wedding- these details can be created on the rear of your cake, with the front view looking quite conventional. This can provide a great surprise for your guests when you reveal your wedding cake ‘Secret’ Details!!

There are lots of examples of recent themed wedding cakes we have made, each unique and really special to each couple who designed their cake with our guidance.

Star Wars Wedding Cake with Wookie Detail

conventional wedding cake with star wards details at the back
Star Wars Wedding Cake wookie

This is a round Star Wars Wedding Cake in three tiers, with quilted patterning on the front of each tier- the surprise in round the back! We have created a 3D wookie detail on the bottom tier complete with two tone ‘hair’. Edible Robot Graphics on top and middle tiers.

Square Star Wars Wedding Cake with Cake Topper

Square Star Wars Wedding Cake
Superhero Wedding Cakes

This Square Star Wars Wedding Cake in Four Tiers features small piped heart details on the front and sides- so far, so conventional! The back is a different story-

  • Death Star
  • Light Sabres
  • Millenium Falcon models-

all topped with a sugar-crafted Bride and Groom as Han Solo and Princess Leia and a 3 year old as Darth Vader! The Star Wars graphic is showcased on the second tier, in case there were any doubt of the inspiration for this ‘Half and Half’ wedding cake! 

Round Marbled Wedding Cake with Star Wars Half and Half Details.

Grey Marble Wedding Cake
quite sinister Star Wars Cake

This Beautiful Grey Marbled Tall wedding cake has sugar-crafted peonies and trails of green foliage down all four tiers. The Star Wars elements are only revealed when the cake is turned around!  Using high resolution scaled edible graphics and sugar-crafted ‘curtains’, all the details of storm-troopers, Darth Vader, C-3PO  and the iconic Star Wars Logo are added at the back section of this wedding cake. 

Batman Wedding Cakes- for the 'Bruce Wayne' in your life?

Batman Wedding Cakes- whether a full-on ‘Half and Half’ Wedding Cake,  or a subtle detail, a Batman element can add a touch of excitement to your wedding!  We can add a small sugar-crafted Batman Head, or a full Batman logo in sugar or high resolution edible printing

Combined Batman and Harry Potter Themed Wedding Cake.

Combined Batman and Harry Potter Wedding Cake
Batman Gotham City Wedding Cake

This unusual Wedding Cake features not One but Two Themes. The front is  Harry Potter phrasing, ‘After all this time‘ and ‘…Always‘, with Gold Snitches (provided by the Bride and Groom) with elegant edible lace details.

The back of this unique wedding cake is decorated with black fondant, models of the Gotham City Skyline and a Batman Logo in scaled high resolution edible print.

Batman Half and Half Wedding Cake with Crystal Topper

five tier wedding cake with crystal topper and front
Batman Half and Half Wedding Cake

This Batman Themed Wedding Cake in Four Tiers features elegant hand-piped heart details on the front faces. The back of the cake is coated in dark grey sugar-paste with the iconic Black Batman Logo in edible glitter finish. Each logo detail is placed on a white oval of white sugar-paste.

We have made a Crystal Drop Cake Topper for this cake and set the cake on a tall crystal cake base. There is a fine crystal ribbon around the base of each tier.

From the front, this cake looks totally elegant with no hint about what lies in secret at the back of this fun wedding cake!

Wedding Cakes with Subtle Batman Details

Square Wedding Cake with Batman Logo
Batman wedding Cake with Red Roses

The Wedding Cakes above are more typical of traditional wedding cake styles, with the addition of a subtle Batman Detail. In one cake we created a single Batman Logo , a Black silhouette on a yellow background.

On the other wedding cake example, we have a beautiful cake with cascades of red roses and buds, with a small sugar-crafted Batman Head just to the side!

This sort of addition can be added a surprise for the Groom, who may see the surprise for the first time on the big day!

We are happy to add specific secret surprise details according to your wishes.

Wedding Cakes with Sugar-Crafted modelled Details

Wedding Cake with Captain America model
four tier silver wedding cake

The cake above is a traditional three tier round wedding cake with edible lace motifs and wide diamante strips. However, the back of this cake is decorated with a large Captain America Head. (This was made for one of the children attending the wedding, as a lovely surprise from the Bride and Groom.) From the front, this cake looks totally elegant- no hint about what lies in secret at the back!!

This Harry Potter Themed Wedding Cake in Four Tiers features elegant hand-made wands and the Deathly Hallows Symbol hand-made in sugar. We also created the Always font by hand. Each tier of this cake had silver leaves around the base.

(The cake topper was provided by the Bride and Groom.)

We are ‘Always’ happy to add specific secret surprise details according to your wishes, to make your Wedding Cake Even more special! 

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