Behind the Scenes- building a Five tier Crystal Wedding Cake

Behind the Scenes at Jenny's Cakes!

Assembling a HUGE wedding cake at jenny’s Cakes.

We are delighted to share a ‘behind the scenes’ video looking at a recent five-tier wedding cake that we created.

The video above shows about 8 hours finishing work compressed into about 3 minutes!

This is the final stage in the long and complex process which begins with lining the various cake tins and baking each cake tier.

We then split and fill each tier of the cake, before coating in a thin layer of finest marzipan anf then coating in a layer of sugar-paste.

Each cake is then stacked using heavy duty food-grade support tubes and rods.

The next stage is the cleaning and stringing thousands of Swaroski crystals on the two bespoke cake separators and the five tier cake itself!

The most tricky part of putting such a complex Designer Wedding cake together is getting the various parts safely to the venue and assembling the tiers and the crystal stands with the cake. (We always stage the cake in the bakery, carefully checking for levels and stability before transporting the cake, and this makes the final assembly at your venue stress-free!

If you are interested in arranging a visit to the bakery to discuss your wedding cake ideas, please fill in the short wedding cake enquiry form and we will be in touch soon!

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