Why choose a Gretna Wedding Cake from Jenny’s Cakes?

We provide high quality wedding cakes, baked and decorated by hand and personally delivered to your venue in and around Gretna/Gretna Green.

We are recommended suppliers to many of Gretna’s most popular wedding venues, including Smiths Hotel, Greens Hotel, Gretna Hall Hotel, The Gables Hotel and The Mill Forge.

You will find below single tier wedding cakes and two tier cakes so suit smaller wedding parties of around 20-50 guests. Prices below INCLUDE personal delivery to your venue by Trained Bakery Staff (NOT just delivery drivers.)

You can now personalise and order your Gretna Wedding Cake directly on this website- just click the small photos below for more details, choices, pricing and ordering information.

Jenny's Cakes at The Old Smithy Bakery- Exterior View

Why should you trust Jenny’s Cakes?

We have over 32 years experience as a professional family business.

We are proud to have won multiple National Wedding Cake Awards and nominations, based on customer feedback and our drive to provide excellence in customer service.

Jenny’s Cakes are current holders of the prestigious VOWS AWARDS for 2017 Wedding Cake Designer/Baker of the Year (also known as the Scottish Wedding ‘Oscars’) .

We were National winners of the Scottish Wedding Awards National Wedding Cake Designer of the Year in 2016.

(We have been nominated for another Scottish VOWS Award for 2018, making us nominees for THREE years in succession, a rare feat indeed, and something we are very proud of.)

gretna two-tier cake with Sugar Calla Lilies


gretna two-tier cake with Sugar Calla Lilies jc-G18-2C

Gretna Wedding Cake- Small Two-tier Round Cake with Sugar Calla Lilies

This cake provides around 45 portions.

Ref. jc-G18-2C This Gretna Wedding cake has been designed specifically for smaller weddings at Gretna- a small stacked round wedding cake, decorated with a spray of hand-made sugar Calla Lilles– with diamante sprays, bear-grass and openwork ribbons complete the cake topper.
Both tiers are wrapped in wide satin ribbons for an elegant finish.

Cake Flavours-
Choose your combination of flavours from Vanilla, Chocolate, Real Lemon Drizzle, Victoria Sponge, or our new Light Golden Rich Fruit Cake, all made to order by hand in our bakery.
Prices include delivery to Smiths Hotel, Mill Forge and the Gables in Gretna, Hazeldene, Greens Hotel, Gretna Chase and Gretna Hall and all wedding venues in Gretna and Gretna Green.
Available to order online.

No need to worry about couriers,collecting and transporting your cake, or assembling the cake yourself!
Just fill in the order form opposite and we will do the rest, including personal delivery to your Gretna venue! We aim to confirm your order within two working days.

We Hope to hear from you soon!
Jenny and Tom Breen, Directors, for Jenny’s Cakes.
£275 In stock
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Bottom Tier Flavour
Cake Colour
Ribbon Colour
Colour of Calla Lilies/Base Ribbon
Delivery (Gretna/Dumfries)
Date of Wedding Reception
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Notes to Jenny’s Cakes

How to choose your Gretna Wedding Cake

We have selected a number of smaller wedding cakes suited to weddings at Gretna Green. Our range of ‘Gretna Wedding Cakes’ represents Exceptional Value for money, but still maintaining our famously high quality taste and finish.

You can choose from a range of flavours including vanilla, chocolate, lemon, victoria sponge and light golden rich fruit. 

You can also choose cake colours, different ribbons and even different sizes too!

We have achieved these low prices by simplifying and standardising sizes and decoration, and saving design time and ‘Tea and Tasters’ sessions and design consultations.

Importantly, the quality of the cake itself is of the same high standard as all our more expensive and complex cakes.

If you would like to spend time with us in customising or personalising your design, we would respectfully suggest arranging a FREE Tea and Tasters and design consultation at our bakery. We can then design and price a wedding cake specially for you!

If you have specific ideas about your how you would like your wedding cake to look, please get in touch- we would be happy to discuss your ideas in more detail.


We hope you like our range of Gretna Wedding Cakes, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Jenny and Tom, Multi -Award Winning Bakers

With kindest regards, Jenny and Tom Breen (Directors of Jenny’s Cakes.)