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Trump Turnberry- Our Wedding Cake Delivery Experience

Wedding Cake at Trump Turnberry

We deliver and set up Wedding Cakes around Gretna Green, and surrounding areas of Dumfries and Galloway.

We recently had the pleasure of creating a beautiful wedding cake for Maria and Adam, at the newly revamped Trump Turnberry Hotel on the Ayrshire coast. 

This was our first wedding cake for Turnberry since their recent refurbishment, so we were  really looking forward to seeing the changes. 

We were totally stunned to see the changes and the vast amount of improvements and enhancements to the decor! 

As Maria and Adam’s cake was quite large and complex,  Jenny and Tom decided to work on this cake at Turnberry together.

We received a warm welcome and great assistance from the concierge team at Turnberry, and set to work bringing in all the tiers, cake stand and our toolboxes.

We were working in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom, which has spectacular views over the coastline to Ailsa Craig and the Turnberry golf courses.

turnberry views

We assembled the tiers, and applied a few finishing touches to the cake- the finished result is shown below-

Four Tier Ruffles and Blossom Wedding Cake

We were packing up and ready to head back to the bakery, when we noticed that a couple of the Turnberry chefs were admiring our handiwork!

turnberry wedding cake chefs at work

Always keen to have a blether with fellow hotel staff,  we were invited to have a look around the new kitchens, meeting the all-important Pastry chefs, including Cassie (below), and their boss Andrew- who is from Carluke, our previous local town, before we moved to Annan near Gretna Green!

turnberry cake jenny and chef

We LOVED the  spectacular chef’s table, which adjoins the main kitchen, where lucky diners can enjoy a seven course meal, while watching the Executive chef and his team putting their wonderful creations together…

Turnberry cake Chefs Table

The Finished Wedding Cake At Turnberry

This is the finale to our work at Turnberry- Maria and Adam cutting their beautiful lace and ruffle cake! We think it made a lovely centre-piece for that iconic ‘cutting the cake’ photo! 

(The second and bottom tiers are decorated with fine sugar ruffles, and the third tier features delicate sugar blossoms in varying sizes. ) 

Turnberry Wedding Cake

All in all, a very interesting and enjoyable trip to Trump Turnberry!

We hope to be back at Trump Turnberry again soon with another gorgeous wedding cakes in the not too distant future!

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