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Wedding Cake Pictures- photo gallery showing Wedding Cake designs and examples.

Lots of wedding cake pictures in our gallery below, each with a short description. We make each cake by hand, giving each cake individual attention! 

There is a vast range of styles, sizes and options to choose from for your wedding cake.

This photo gallery shows lots of Wedding Cake Examples, which we hope will inspire your imagination and help you to pick out some wedding cake design features or decorative styles that are meaningful for you. 


Scottish Wedding Cake Photo gallery showing selected examples from Jenny's Cakes designs.

Many factors can help you to choose the best cake for your wedding. The wedding venue itself, and how your venue is styled and decorated, are very important factors when choosing your cake

For example, if your venue is a classic country house hotel, a vintage style or perhaps a rustic cake would complement your theme. 

A chic city centre venue would suggest a more glamorous cake style- diamante, gold or silver cake embellishments might work for you.

If you are looking for a cake with the WOW factor, we can definitely help- we have made wedding cakes that were about six feet tall!

We are famed for our sugar-crafted sugar floral work, and would love to create some sugar flowers to add to your cake.

If the bridal gown has lace or pearl elements, we would suggest ways to add this detail to your cake.

a recent trend for wedding cakes in Scotland is the ‘half and half wedding cake‘, where the front of the cake is a classic cake, with super-hero elements such as batman, star wars or even Harry Potter. We have created many cakes in this genre- a great way of expressing your personalities as a couple!

Wedding cakes are available in all shapes and sizes- from a simple single tier round cake, all the way up to a six tier ‘Designer Wedding Cake’ created to really make a statement. Many cakes are of the round stacked layout, but we can supply a range of cake stands and separators to make your cake stand out. 

We can also make your cake in different shapes, a square wedding cake, petal shape or even a hexagonal tier or two would help your cake stand out!

We hope that you will find some of our wedding cake styles that you like. 

Please get in touch- we would love to assist you in having a cake custom made to your exact requirements. Hope to hear from you soon!

With kind regards, Tom, Jenny and the Jenny’s Cakes team.

P.S. We are often adding new wedding cake photos, so please visit this page again soon to see more beautiful wedding cake pictures.

Wedding Cake Buyers Guide 2021. (From Jenny's Cakes.)

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