Wedding Cake Prices -Guidelines in Scotland from award-winning wedding cake specialist baker.

We are happy to provide Wedding Cake Price guidelines for our ranges of wedding cakes. Our wedding cakes can range in price from under £100 to over £1,500!

As one of our clients recently said-

We knew we had cheaper options elsewhere -however, when we tasted the cake samples, WOW! 
We remembered the old saying- ‘you only get what you pay for’, and Our cake was worth every penny.


So, if you want a professional cake that is beautiful and delicious, with dependable service, it’s worth paying a wee bit more than prices from mass-market or ‘hobby’ bakers.

With over 30 years experience, we have a better idea that most of how long it takes to make even wedding cakes, simple or complex- we carefully calculate the materials, baking, tools, equipment, decorating and assembly time, and professional delivery and set-up at your venue. 

We want you to be confident that you are in safe hands, and that you will be paying a fair price for your wedding cake from Jenny’s Cakes.

(We are rated as 4.97 out of 5 for Value for Money by our clients.)

We do not publish a full price list for wedding cakes, as the range of sizes and decorative elements is almost unlimited

However, we do understand that potential clients would like to have some idea of  our range of wedding cake prices, so we have put together the following pricing overview for our cakes.

Single Tier Wedding Cake Pricing – For Smaller Weddings

We make a range of smaller single and two-tier cakes, designed for the smaller wedding.
Single tier wedding cakes with basic decoration such as tartan ribbon, and a Scottish silk topper with thistles, ivy leaves, heather and  blossoms start at around £130. One example of a simple single tier wedding cake shown below.


Wedding Cake Pricing Single Tier Cake

(Wedding Cake Pricing for a Single Tier Wedding cake above with Silk Topper and Tartan Ribbon priced from around £100. (Plus Optional Delivery)

We also offer small  Two-tier wedding cakes starting at around £230

Two Tier Wedding Cake for smaller weddings
Two Tier Wedding Cake for smaller weddings

3 Tier Wedding Cakes, For Around 70 Guests Pricing Starts Below £300.

We recently launched ourSimply Chic’ range of Simple 3 Tier wedding cakes featuring a number of customisable designs and styles, in the range of around £350-£500.

Wedding Cake Pricing varies widely, based on the sizes and number of tiers, and the amount and intricacy of any sugar-crafted decorations which are added.

The example simple wedding cake below has a fresh floral topper (less expensive than sugar-crafted flowers!) -any fresh flowers are typically provided and added by your florist.

Visit our 3 Tier Wedding Cake Shop here for lots of examples of the best wedding cakes for Brides and Grooms on a budget!

Three Tier Wedding Cake ready to buy

Bespoke Wedding Cake Prices

We make a maximum of THREE or FOUR wedding cakes each week,or fewer if a particular design is very complex .

As each cake is different, it’s difficult put our wedding cakes into categories, but we can describe them in the following broad cake design styles-

Typical pricing for most of our bespoke wedding cakes in three tier cakes is around £400-£600.


Bespoke Four Tier Square Cake

‘Designer’ Luxury Wedding Cakes

These are designed and made on an individual basis, and are usually have deeper tiers, and lots more sugar-crafting and decorative elements. Pricing for Designer Wedding Cakes can easily be  well over £1,000 for a large wedding party.

Designer Wedding Cake with Crystal Stands

 (The Cake above is our Crystal Waterfalls Designer Wedding Cake, price range from £1,250- £1,500)

Booking your Wedding Cake In Scotland – Next Steps

We are always happy to provide budgetary pricing for clients, if you are able to fill in our short weding cake enquiry form, you can email example photos for budget pricing, or discuss your ideas in detail during a ‘Tea and Tasters’ consultation. 

 We typically create a maximum of THREE or FOUR wedding cakes each week, usually just three wedding cakes, due to the complexity of wedding designs and the time each cake takes to make. There are lots of stages involved in making a cake to a professional level, and we prefer to concentrate on fewer cakes and achieve the highest levels of quality and customer service. 

In the summer months we advise booking at least a year ahead of your wedding date.

The first step is to check our availability for your wedding date, using our wedding cake availability form– we can then look at any cake photos/ideas you may have, advise on budget pricing and practical suggestions and advice on your wedding cake ideas.

Due to high demand for wedding cakes, we regret that we are unable  to offer celebration/birthday/christening cakes- sorry!

Wedding Cake Buyers Guide 2021. (From Jenny's Cakes.)

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